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WE MAKE PEACE Benefit Album

The We Make Peace benefit record is a rare compilation of songs from 12 varied artists who each donated a track in support of We Make Peace. Listen to this beautiful collection of music for artists we love and support our Peace Letters program connecting hundreds of students from all over the world through the art of letter-writing.

The album features some of the most talented artists we know:
Aaron Lee Tasjan, Alberta Cross, Arum Rae, Barbarossa, Blue Foundation, Erika Spring, Findlay Brown, Howard, Johnny Flynn, Micheal Hooker, Pete Molinari, Sara Savery.

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The album was released on the International Peace Day, September 21 2015, followed by a Benefit Concert at Baby’s Allright in Brooklyn NY.



A great memory from the time rapper, Presice ran a “Rap for Peace” workshop at the LEAP after school at PS84 in Brooklyn, NY.

We Make Peace brings in creative people from different fields to inspire students to work with peace. What better way to learn and grow than to watch and learn from a true role model in your community. See how Presice inspires students to think about peace through the free expression and medium of rap music…Very inspiring!

WE MAKE PEACE RAP (behind the scenes)

Students from Busses School in Denmark wrote and performed their own rap-song for peace in 2007 in conjunction with the WE MAKE PEACE school campaign promoting peace education in schools. Enjoy!

VI SKABER FRED! (We Make Peace) RAP – Denmark

The Rap for Peace song was made by students from 2. and 6. grade from Busses Skole in Denmark, 2007. The song was part of the nation wide school project Vi Skaber Fred! (We Make Peace!)

VI SKABER FRED! (We Make Peace) – Denmark

Vi Skaber Fred was a nationwide school project which ran in 2007/08 in over hundred schools in Denmark. We wanted to place focus on the subject matter of peace.
How do we make peace in our daily lives?
How do we make peace within?
With each other in the classroom?
These were questions explored by hundreds of students and became a large exhibition at Øksnehallen showcasing the ideas and inventions the students came up with, highlighting pathways to peace.


Happy days from our tent at Camp Bestival, summer 2009.

We launched We Make Peace in the UK with a tent at the wonderful family festival serving thousands of kids with fancy dress-up and chats and questions about peace. Take a look at the many cool peace wishes on the peace wishing wall!

Music “I had a dream” by Findlay Brown