Learning Materials

Learning Materials

A different way of learning

We are introducing a unique educational learning program entitled WE MAKE PEACE that can be implemented directly into the lesson plans for the 8-12 yrs age group in both public and private schools and After School Programs.

The program fits into the social and emotional curriculum and provides students with the tools and knowledge of how to practice peace in their everyday environment. Only by practicing peace do we become good peacemakers. Hence the children will be writing about peace, debating, acting, designing, cooking and composing songs and lyrics about peace.

By actively taking part in projecting an anti-bullying and anti-crime message throughout the school and local community the children become active peace pioneers and responsible leaders of their community.

The content of each lesson cover themes of

P for Positivism
E for Empathy
A for Acceptance
C for Compassion
E for Equality

The materials engage the students to consider topics such as Human rights, Anti-bullying principles, Non-violent conflict resolution and Sustainability among others.

The We Make Peace programs have been tried and tested successfully in hundreds of schools in Denmark and the US, and have been proven through pilot projects implemented in school classes in the UK and in the US.

The WE MAKE PEACE campaign is well thought out and visually stimulating and it tackles big concepts in ways that are accessible to young people. Its power lies in its positivity. It does not place its focus on the negative but instead embraces the positive. By encouraging schools to put peace firmly on their agendas and through their use of a contemporary approach they really are an exciting prospect.

Caroline Nicholson

Schools Programme Manager, WarChild, UK