Peace Letter Program

Peace Letter Program

We Make Peace offers a Peace Letter exchange program for students between age 10-12 years. This is an exciting chance for students to befriend a student from another country through letter exchanges.

It is our aim to promote friendships across borders, enhance literacy and acceptance of diversity, to activate empathy and increase awareness of peace as a strong ideal for young people to aspire to.

Over the last five years we have developed this program where students from different countries write letters with each other. Each student shares life experiences, art and learn from another student through three letters, all in the name of promoting friendship and non-violent communication. The Peace Letter program provides the participating students with a platform where they can express themselves freely while also learning about the life of a student from a different culture.

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Eugene is an 11 year old girl from Uganda. In her letter she writes to her friend, Louise from Denmark

“Even though we have different colored skin we can love and admire each other.”


Ugandan student, 11 years old
Eugene’s words are a wonderful reminder to us all of the importance of building bridges between different cultures. Their exchange is a remarkable example of how children can teach each other (and us) to be empathetic beings and how to embrace cultural and racial diversity.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have 50,000+ students writing letters yearly. We believe that peace education and conflict resolution topics should be embedded in every national curriculum, and through the Peace Letter program we invite teachers and schools to take part in creating the change. The program is applicable in all school systems, regardless of the schools’ individual financial situation and access to technology.

Through the letter exchange program we wish to

  • Foster understanding for other cultures trough positive exchanges and friendships that go beyond country borders and language barriers.
  • Enhance literacy and communication skills, including second language communication and the art of handwriting.
  • Widen students’ understanding of diversity and activate empathy and compassion in their relation to people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Beat the challenges that the school system faces on a daily basis by offering new, innovative ways for teachers and students to learn and engage in a non-stressful way.
  • Empower students with personal life skills, designed to combat bullying, violence and crime while building strong foundations for peace within each individual, in the classroom, and in society.

Are you a teacher?

If you are interested in the Peace Letter program for your class or school, sign up here. We will contact you with more information shortly.