“There is a conscious r(e)volution taking place.

Be part of the change.

Be peace, Teach peace, Learn peace, Sing peace, Talk peace, Act peace”

What We Do

We Make Peace aims to raise peace awareness in schools through fun and interactive programs designed to enhance positive, social and emotional life-skills to make peace within each individual, in the classroom and in society. Together with the students we wish to re-invent the concept of peace as an ideal for young people to aspire to.

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Learning Materials

Our unique educational learning programs can be implemented directly into the lesson plans for the 8-12 years age group in both public and private schools and After School Programs. The learning materials offer a fun and meaningful way to assist students in developing an understanding for peace as a personal choice from an early age.

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Peace Letters

Our Peace Letters program is an exciting chance for students to befriend a student from another country through 3 letter exchanges. Through writing and exchanging letters the students are offered a platform for interaction and expression, while investigating important concepts around peace together.

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Peace begins with you. Peace begins with each of us choosing peace in every moment, every thought, every action.

Marie Mamonia